Following hot on the heels of Divine magic in the Wheel of States is Spirit Magic, which is the magic of the dead, the living, and the unborn. Everything is infused with Spirit Magic, alternatively called Ancestral Magic, Heritage Magic, or, um, the FORCE. It makes things real: it makes them substantial and gives them weight. It gives them “presence.”

Spirit Magic is comparable to both real-world beliefs of animism and totemism (contrary to the previous statement that Ritual Magic was the one most closely related to any real world mythology or beliefs). Phantoms, ghosts, and other incorporeal beings draw on Spirit power, as well as personifications of concepts, like Death, Fate, Love, Winter, and the Sea.

Soul Society and many of the powers and concepts found in the anime Bleach would be utilized through Spirit Magic — the manifestation of spiritual energy, the personification of weapons — many concepts found in Kingdom Hearts would also be found in Spirit Magic. Themes related to things like memories and mirrors, creatures like the Hollows and the Heartless, mementos, totems, keepsakes.

Spirit Magic is the animating force — it’s found in meditation and self-reflection. It’s found everywhere and in everything and collects around living things and places of activity, in particular. Places where life is, streams and rivers and oceans, tribes and cities and nations. It’s also found in the places where life is noticeably absent, because spirit isn’t bound to the environments that life requires.