The second state in the Seven States model is alternatively described as Primeval, Primal, or Light. Primeval magic is the whistle in your breath, the twinkle in the stars, and the delicious smell that makes your mouth water. Light magic is the delight of the senses, it creates, enhances, and plays on expectations. It enchants and distracts and entertains and alleviates; the magic of arousal and attraction, excitement and wonder.

Primeval magic is the magic of instinct and sensation: colors, lights, textures, fragrance, and romance. It’s the magic between the instinct and the interpretation, the magic that blurs the line between reality and fantasy. Not to be confused with the senses themselves, Primeval magic concerns itself with the interpretation of what the senses record. Feeling and reacting, emotion and whimsy; song and music, your favorite color.

Primal magic focuses on the things that make life the many-splendored thing it is, with all of its implications. The Fair Folk are the creatures found closest to Primal magic and while they’re tenacious like their mortal cousins, they’re capricious and less concerned with the day-to-day struggles that other must face. Easily bored and constantly seeking excitement, the fey are a wild, dangerous bunch.

Think of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Rumpelstiltskin when you think of primal magic. It’s old magic, the magic of the road, travel, song, and mischief. Campfires, ghost stories, and riddles. Folksy, kind of.